Mountain climbing is an extreme outdoor activity. All things are possible when we are active in nature. Therefore, every mountain climbing activity must meet high safety standards. Despite the fact that even if climbers have followed standards and procedures, nature often has other scenarios.

The ability of a mountain climber is not only about being physically fit to be strong enough to reach the top with a towering carrier bag. However, the skills to survive in various conditions when in the wild are also required. Not infrequently, a climber gets lost for days and has to survive. In such conditions, the skills of a climber and survival support tools are needed.

If you are an adventurer who likes mountain climbing, jungle trekking, or nature photography, then the risk of getting lost is always lurking with us. That’s why you need careful preparation before starting an adventure. On this website, you will find various kinds of gear for survival, gear for survival tips, and else.